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Upcoming Events

Coming up in 2020!


Karine Sá and Mediumistic Painting

Karine will sing on the 8th February (Spiritual Association of Great Britain), 9th February (Fraternity Spiritist Society) and 14th (Francis of Assisi UK). See the Eventbrite page for further dates for mediumistic painting only.

Various February Dates & Venues


Spiritism & Psychology

What is the Connection?

4th April 2020


3rd British Spiritist Congress

Challenges and Solutions for a Happy Life

16th-17th May 2020

6th European Spiritist Life Philosophy Gathering

6th European Spiritist Life Philosophy Gathering

5th-6th September 2020

Tickets TBC
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The Sheffield Spiritist Group is an affiliated member of BUSS, the British Union of Spiritist Societies.

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